The LNG Hybrid Barge project
Environmentally-friendly electricity supply at the Hamburg port

Becker Marine Systems and AIDA Cruises have come together with other partners to develop a forward-looking project for the energy-saving and emissions-reducing supply of power to cruise ships during layovers at the Hamburg port.

Becker Marine Systems is providing the technical solution, the LNG Hybrid Barge, and AIDA Cruises, one of the leading cruise companies in matters of environmental technology, is supplying the expertise in terms of the special requirements of cruise ships.
The Schramm Group, the operator of the first German LNG transhipment port, will be the operator of the barge. If everything continues to go as planned, as early as summer 2014 the AIDAsol will become the first cruise ship in the world to be supplied with electricity from an LNG Hybrid Barge from the Grasbrook pier at Hamburg’s Hafencity.

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